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What Is the CCNA? An Entry-Level Networking Certification
Table of  CCNA certification Contents What is the CCNA certification? How a lot is the CCNA examination? What profits could I earn with the CCNA certification? CCNA vs. CompTIA Network+ What’s on the CCNA exam? How to get the CCNA certification Next steps What is the CCNA certification? The CCNA—which stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate—is an entry-stage information generation (IT) certification issued by using networking hardware organisation Cisco. The CCNA is designed to validate your expertise on fundamental networking standards often requested in networking roles in IT positions. Here’s a brief run down of key facts: To get the CCNA certification you’ll ought to bypass one exam, the 2 hundred-301 CCNA. Taking the CCNA examination costs $300, plus tax, as of June 2021. There aren't any prerequisites to take the examination, but training and a few revel in with laptop networks are endorsed. CCNA is a commonly asked IT certification, with over 6,000 activity listings on Glassdoor and 12,000 on Indeed that point out the certification inside the US, as of June 2021. Read more: 5 Essential IT Certifications: Entry-Level and Beginner How lots is the CCNA exam? The CCNA exam expenses $three hundred, plus tax. You can also use Cisco Learning Credits to purchase the examination. These are pay as you go credits a agency would possibly buy in order that their employees can tailor a way to spend the credits at the Cisco platform to their possibilities. Trying to cut back on fees? If you think a CCNA certification may be useful in your organisation, bear in mind coming near your manager to see if the employer will pay for the examination or exam education fees (or both). What revenue could I earn with the CCNA certification? CCNA certifications may be beneficial in landing each entry-level and better-degree networking positions. Here are a number of the task titles which could request CCNA certifications, and how much they make on common within the US. Salaries are collected from Glassdoor, and are accurate as of June 2021. Position Salary (common US) IT guide professional $fifty three,051 Network expert $sixty four,430 Network administrator $sixty nine,243 Network engineer $85,822 Senior network engineer $116,one hundred sixty five Read more: What’s a Network Administrator? A Career Guide CCNA vs. CompTIA Network+ Like the CCNA, the CompTIA Network+ is a certification that will check you to your networking knowledge and is often obtained through professionals hoping to increase their networking abilities. There are some key differences. Unlike CCNA, the CompTIA Network+ certification is vendor neutral. This method that it’s designed to put together you to work with any community tool or system, irrespective of what seller it came from. The CCNA tests you solely on Cisco merchandise and gear. The Network+ certification is considered through many to be extra foundational than the CCNA. The CCNA is understood to cover more subjects and move deeper into network cloth than the Network+. So which need to you choose? Many favor to take the CCNA regardless of it being vendor-precise to Cisco, due to the fact Cisco products largely dominate the networking market. Cisco had 47 percent of market proportion in Ethernet switches, and 33 percentage of the mixed SP and company router market [1]. Because Cisco products are broadly used, it can be useful to know them properly. Many freshmen additionally find that the knowledge acquired by gaining knowledge of on Cisco merchandise is relevant to networking products from other carriers. That said, because the Network+ focuses on the fundamentals, it could be beneficial for the ones absolutely new to networking, or who find the CCNA too tough or complete for their desires. It’s completely feasible to get the Network+ and pass on to take the CCNA when you have extra enjoy. What other Cisco network certifications are there? The Cisco Certification Technician (CCT) is some other access-stage Cisco certification. The CCT is designed to equip you with the abilities to do onsite support and maintenance of networking gadgets. It doesn’t delve into networking ideas however, that's possibly a part of the motive why it has a tendency not to be as asked because the CCNA, even for entry-degree IT positions. The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) is the following degree above CCNA. CCNP in addition has several specializations you may pick from relying for your preferred career course. Read extra: 6 Network Certifications for Your IT Career What’s on the CCNA exam? The 2 hundred-301 CCNA exam takes 120 mins, and is offered in English and Japanese. The CCNA exam breaks down as follows: Network fundamentals (20%): Network additives like routers, switches, and get entry to points; network topology architectures; bodily interfaces and cabling types; IPv4 and IPv6 configuration; IP parameters; wireless, virtualization, and switching basics Network get admission to (20%): Configuring and verifying VLANs, interswitch connectivity, Layer 2 discovery protocols, and EtherChannel; Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol operations; Cisco wireless architectures, AP modes, bodily WLAN additives, AP and WLC control get entry to connections, and wi-fi LAN get admission to IP connectivity (25%): Routing tables; router decision-making; configuring and verifying IPv4 and IPv6 static routing and single location OSPFv2; first hop redundancy protocol IP offerings (10%): Configuring and verifying NAT and NTP; describing DHCP, DNS, SNMP, and syslog functions; consistent with-hop behavior; the use of SSH; describing TFTP/FTP Security basics (15%): Security principles like threats and mitigation, physical get entry to control; password policies; get admission to manipulate lists; Layer 2 safety features; wi-fi safety protocols Automation and programmability (10%): Comparing conventional networks with controller-based networks; automation principles; deciphering JSON data How to get the CCNA certification In order to emerge as CCNA certified, you’ll should take the two hundred-301 CCNA exam offered by means of Cisco. There are no conditions for the exam, however Cisco reports that CCNA applicants typically have the subsequent enjoy prior to taking the exam: At least one year of the use of and implementing Cisco products and solutions Basic understanding of IP addressing Knowledge of network fundamentals CCNA courses and training There are many online guides you can select from with a purpose to put together you for the CCNA examination. There can also be in-person training at your nearby community university with the intention to do the identical. Cisco gives an internet route called Implementing and Administering Solutions this is designed to help you skip the CCNA exam. The path prices $800 as of June 2021 [2]. You can take the Computer Communications specialization on Coursera for a complete advent to the arena of networking, or take individual guides if you need to recognition on unique abilties, like TCP/IP, or packet switching networks. Though the specialization gained’t explicitly prepare you for the CCNA, you’ll research much of the fundamentals of laptop networks. If you need a brief refresher on networks, or are nevertheless determining if networking is for you, you may do not forget completing the Introduction to Networks and Cisco Devices guided mission on Coursera. The task can be finished in under 3 hours. Looking to begin a profession in IT? If you’re hoping to examine more widely approximately IT fundamentals, recall the Google IT Support Professional Certificate. You can study activity-prepared skills in six months, consisting of network basics. Plus, it’ll put together you for the CompTIA A+ exam—and also you’ll get a unfastened trial week. Next steps If you’re just getting commenced in IT, it can be worth exploring other entry-degree certifications to look your other options. Don’t forget about that there are different community certifications that you may get as nicely. 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